Random 99 Cents Store Find

Just as I bemoaned the loss of quality goods at the 99 Cents Store, I came across this:

It never made any sense to me why people pay so much for stuff with the Burberry plaid on it, since I see knockoffs everywhere (such as this one). Don't get me wrong, I love the plaid...just not the price it takes to be plastered in plaid (moderation is the key). My old pencil case has worn down, and at last I accepted the decision to let it go. I found this Burberry knockoff in the cosmetics bag aisle. It's pretty and surprisingly well-constructed!

My faith in the 99 Cents Store still hasn't been fully restored, but I'm still a regular customer. Where else can you get good quality pasta sauces for up to 66% off of chain supermarket prices?

Moral of the story? Think dual use. There are so many things out there that can be used for an unintended purpose...you just have to be creative.

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