DIY Project: Hair Flower

Can you tell which hair flower is store bought and which is DIY? Both flowers are fake, but 1 clip is worth 5 times more than the other. What exactly are you buying with that extra money?

Well, the white one came from Arden B. I got it for $5, but it originally sold for at least $10. It has a pin (for fabrics) and an alligator clip (for your hair).

The red one costs a little over a dollar. It doesn't have a pin but I didn't need it anyway. If I really wanted the pin, I could have easily gone to a craft store and get a pack of 10 pins for a buck. The flower was a dollar (I get a bonus of small buds attached to the same stem) and the barrette clip is something I recycled. I stripped the zebra-print (yeah, I know...what was I thinking?) plastic piece to expose the metal, then I cut off the stem of the flower so that I can superclue it onto the barrette clip. Getting the flower to stay on the center of the clip as the glue was drying proved to be a bit tricky, but it wasn't something that a bit of creativity couldn't solve. I found 2 heavier objects, placed them on each side of the flower to keep it upright, and that's it.

So $5 doesn't buy a whole lot as far as flower pins go.

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