Layering Chains

My work style for the past several weeks had been rather woeful. I didn't really have much time to think about what to wear--just throw on something black or gray and face the long day ahead. This week I finally got back on track, and it's quite fun to make work outfits interesting again. It also helps that the heat waves have finally come to an end, and I can work with layers.

Although I tend to make some rather outrageous jewelry for myself and for the shop, I haven't been very adventurous about layering chains. My style tends to be fairly predictable--something bland mixed with a statement piece or two--so it's a good time to try something different. Like Elaine at Clothed Much, I got inspired by the J. Crew catalog's idea of layering necklaces. I'm more of a minimalist, so here's my take with faux pearls and a silver multichain cluster necklace I picked up from the BCBG outlet:

[Love Yaya tunic (worn as top), secondhand pencil skirt from clothing swap, a really old Tally Ho sweatercoat purchased from Ross many, many years ago, faux pearls ripped from a Forever 21 top and converted into a necklace, BCBG cluster necklace, Hue tights, Calvin Klein pumps.]

My eyes locked onto the cluster necklace the minute I saw it at one BCBG outlet, but I didn't pick it up until later, when it was marked down. The necklace a very simple piece, and it's easy to just throw over my head and go. The clusters are really cute (love playing with them) yet sophisticated. Since it is somewhat of a hybrid of a chain and beaded necklace, I can mix it with colorful beaded necklaces or silver chains. It is very contemporary and livens up a classic look--it punches up pearls in a "not your mother's pearls" fashion.

I've been debating about wearing patterend or colored tights to work. What do you think about that? I've seen a court reporter wear a plum pair of tights with a black shift dress, and she looked very polished (we actually had a conversation about that after a deposition, which was pretty cool). I have a lot of tights that have fairly conservative patterns, but once in a while I want to wear something more adventurous. The checkered tights above are a little more out there, so I kept everything else rather low-key (except for the layered jewelry). I probably won't wear these to court, but it was refreshing to see someone at a hearing wearing some fabulous knitted pattterned tights with a pair of black Loubotins and a beige trench--very businesslike, but definitely not boring.


Muttersome said...

I think it's especially hard for lawyers to tread the line between professional and expressive--I mean, there are still some judges out there who insist that women wear skirts! You pull it off very nicely, though. I love seeing these chic, polished work outfits that still have your personality int hem.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I go pretty crazy with the chains and pearls (I love the look of both)

But only for weekends.

I think a little chain action here and there looks polished and chic without being too rocker!

P.S. I just started, so I'd love it if you'd come by and look at my blog :)


ambika said...

Love the necklace and love the tights.