Rocking After Midnight

Last night/this early morning was boisterously fun, a kind of fun that I haven't had in a long time. My friends and I hopped from one party to another, but it's not the kind of party-hopping that would have happened in the earlier years. We're all grown up now, have complex and demanding jobs, and some starting families, so it's a lot different these days. Still, we put away our Blackberries (well, or at least I tried) for a few hours to enjoy good food, good company, and being loud and rowdy without repercussions (in the karaoke booth, that is).

It was hard to dress for two different events--one was a dinner/baby shower for a couple of friends at a family-friendly restaurant, the other was a birthday party at a karaoke club. Something more casual would have worked for the first event, but as one of my friends said, it was better to be overdressed than underdressed, particularly for the second event.

A blue knee-length skirt is unquestionably suitable for the family-friendly fest; a blue knee-length skirt made of leather is completely appropriate for late-night partying. Sandals covering the front of the foot with lots of leather and grommets are just perfect for any occasion. It took a while to find "the" jacket to complete the outfit, but black denim is just right--a little casual, a little tough. Bright silver jewelry polishes up the look.

My throat is still sore from belting out a little Patsy Cline here, a little Nirvana there. I don't have as much energy to stay out late these days, but last night was the first time in a while when midnight felt like 8 p.m.

[Max Edition mesh camisole (gift), Argento Vivo silver twist necklace, Joie denim moto jacket (from the Joie warehouse sale a good few years ago for a few bucks), thrifted leather skirt, Forever 21 dome ring (which I've been wearing rather frequently), Giuseppe Zanotti sandals (from the Barney's Warehouse Sale yesterday).]

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