Swap Meet

A couple of months ago, my roommate and I hosted a clothing swap. We put out a bunch of snacks (plus more contributions from the guests), a mirror, and some music on the stereo, and the rest took care of themselves. Playing dress-up had never been more fun.

At the end of the day, we all had an impressive haul. My roommate's new collection consists of a lot of my old clothes; she looks even better in them then I did. I in turn found one of my new favorites in the form of an old flannel shirt that she never thought I'd pick out.

On subsequent meet-ups, we would let out a delightful squeal as we see each other wearing clothes that we exchanged in the clothing swap. It's amazing how the same shirt or pair of pants gets worked into different styles by different people.

You can bet that we'll be doing this again.

[The bags of clothes ready to be picked over, plus a friend who already got a hold of my old yellow and gray sweater]

[Snacks galore!]

[My roommate's haul]

[That flannel shirt--paired with an old random belt, Theory blazer, F21 leggings, Maison Martin Margiela sandal-booties]

[My friend's awesome DIY shoe makeover--cute little bows + a pair of Payless shoes = major sweetness.]


brooke said...

aw, so cute. such a good idea, i wish more of my friends were similar sizes so we could do this too! haha. Payless shoes are the best :) and i love those red shoes of yours too :)

xx brooke

moto said...

i really love this look.. u look great!!!thrift stores are the best stores in the world.. they are soo "social" :D love em too