Weekday/Weekend--Bright Stripes

I know I probably have waaaay too many striped tops in my closet, but I love them all. Stripes are merely a simple arrangement of lines upon a canvas, but each color combination evokes a different feeling. Dark stripes on a white shirt lend a nautical feel; bright stripes on a darker background feels a little bit seafaring, but a lot more of something else.

I picked up this bright-blue-on-dark-blue 3/4-sleeved stripey sweater from a forlorn-looking Loehmann's clearance rack sometime last year for under $20. I had a lot of striped t-shirts by that point, but not striped sweaters, so I figured it was "different" enough from what I already have. I really love how the bright blue stripes pop out against dark backgrounds. If I can't figure out what to wear for work in the morning, I know I can turn to the bright stripes--they add a bit of scintillation to the generic dark outerwear and pants that I wore much of the time in the winter.

There was one day when I had to dash home from work and change in time for a movie sneak preview (I highly recommend "Sunshine Cleaning"--it's a fun movie). The sweater was the only thing I didn't change, because the stripes are so fun and dress down so easily with a hoodie and some funky shoes. Even in a more casual outfit, the stripes hold their own. I think I will wear it more on the weekends when it cools down again.

[Weekday--Sweet Robin peacoat, L'Ecole des Femmes sweater, Banana Republic pants, Max Studios slingbacks]

[Weekend--Da Nang hoodie, L'Ecole des Femmes sweater, Charlotte Ronson for Urban Outfiters skirt, black tights, Maison Martin Margiela wedge sandals]


emigre said...

The outfit looks great, classy yet a lil bit sporty too. Would you ever do stripes w/ stripes? Not nec in the same color family either.

Sales Rack Raider said...

Thanks! Yes, I have done stripes on stripes before, though the second set of stripes (usually on a blazer) is a lot more subtle.