Giving In

When the leggings trend started initially, I couldn't stand them. There's nothing wrong with wearing them as pants under clothes--I wore jeans under dresses all the time. However, I've seen way too many people wearing them in lieu of pants. That was not a pretty sight.

However, given the creative ways that I've seen leggings be reworked (namely, in cool colors, fabrics, and patterns), I decided to reconsider my opposition to them. Aesthetically, Rodarte's fierce cutout leather leggings are certainly right up my alley, and I owe my mind-opening to them. Practically speaking, ankle-length leggings are starting to look really good with my collection of miniskirts and minidresses--the older I get, the more self-conscious I start to get about wearing them. Although they look great with tights, tights are just not opaque enough sometimes. I'm still not crazy about footless leggings (I'd rather have my whole foot covered), but there are no better alternatives right now.

Someday I'd love to take a crack at Six Six Sick's tutorial on how to make my own cutout leggings, but until then, I'm going to stick with these:

[Ya-Ya terry tunic, Mike & Chris shrug, Forever 21 pleather leggings, Nike checkered sneakers]

For someone who isn't crazy about leggings, I love these. They're edgy but not risque when worn with something more conservative or toned-down.

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ambika said...

Wow! I finally caved too but mine are plain black. Love these on you, and agree about mixing them with low key things--they look fab here.