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One thing I dislike about travel is having to eat out. Trying out new restaurants may seem fun at first, but after a few meals, I'm sick of the grease, even from the "healthier" options. Worst of all, eating out is just plain expensive. In the past, I have cut down on breakfast costs by a) eating the free breakfasts at hotels, or b) stocking up on bagel, buns, and granola bars where the free breakfast is not available. However, without a refrigerator, the other meals are hard to manage. There is usually a microwave in the vending areas, but what good is that if there isn't a spot to keep food fresh?

In the past, I have enjoyed my stays at the Hampton Inn, which is pretty comfortable and provides great breakfast and snack options. I remember that when I checked in, there were fresh baked cookies at the check-in desk. That was pretty nice. The Marriott Courtyard hotel is another good option as far as being big, new, comfortable, and quiet, but there is no free breakfast. This week, I heard learned of another good option: an attorney indicated that the Homewood Suites is actually a pretty good option for the same price as other hotels, and it has even more amenities. The one that was "reviewed" was fairly new and quiet, came with meals that people could order off a menu (which came at no additional costs...wow), and had a kitchenette in the room. That is definitely an option I'll consider for my future business trips.

Anyone have experiences with the Homewood Suites? What are your favorite hotels for travel, business and otherwise? Any special perks? Do tell.

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Anonymous said...

Homewood offers the BEST value of any hotel brand. Hot breakfast daily, evening meal Mon-Thurs (often with beer/wine included), free internet and full kitchens in the rooms. All for about the same price as a standard hotel. Also is part of the Hilton family of brands, so you can rack up the Hilton Honors points with each stay.