MAC freebie

[UPDATED: it would have helped if I included the link to the post that links to the coupon.]

If you're a MAC addict like I am, you'll rejoice upon reading this post. Then again, you might know about this already and rejoiced way before I did.

A couple of days ago, I saw this post on the Closet Therapy blog about a free, full-sized sample of MAC's California Dreamin' lipstick for California residents. As I have the good fortune of working near a MAC store, I rejoiced. Unfortunately, due to a busy schedule, I wasn't able to go to the store until today to pick up my sample. A number of other women who were in the store held the same printout I did.

Freebies, of course, have their caveats. If you're absolutely against giving out your personal information (name and address), then this freebie isn't for you. Caveats aside, I do like this pale pink shade. I've been looking for a nude shade of lipstick, but I had no luck. This one is just fine.

The offer lasts until June 30 (Monday), so if you're a Cali girl and will be near a MAC store, it's a good reason to stop by. Make sure you bring that coupon from the link above.

While at the store, I also splurged on a shiny green eyeshadow. I like green; green and shiny just makes it too irresistable. Given the price of gas, I'd rather pay that extra few bucks to get what I want right then and there, rather than driving out to the outlet mall for a possible chance to get what I want for a few bucks off. Given the staying power of MAC eyeshadows in general, at least I know that I'm getting what I paid for.


Muttersome said...

Oh man, free stuff is so awesome. Especially when it's GOOD free stuff. Nice catch.

Sales Rack Raider said...

Thanks. I haven't gotten good free stuff for a while, so this is nice. And it'll last me for quite a while.

Norman Carl said...

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