Six Things

Finally, I'm back from the long business trip (no more flight delays and getting home at 1 a.m.--yay!). I still need to go one or two days here and there, but I can pretty much stay put. It's just nice to be home. Haven't had the time to hit the grocery store yet, but I feel like cooking up a storm after having to eat out all the time.

Hebden has tagged me to reveal 6 random/quirky things about myself. I have way too many quirks to count, yet when it comes to putting it down in writing, I find myself struggling to catch 6 of them. But here goes:

1) Ever since I was a kid, I like to eat all the vegetables and meat (if any) in my bowl of ramen before eating the noodles themselves. I wouldn't say that I hated veggies, but I wasn't a big fan of them. I guess I wanted to get rid of them before hitting "the good stuff." I like veggies now, but I continue the practice for some odd reason.

2) I can do the hard things well, but not the simple ones. For example, I can do multivariable calculus (used to anyway), but I have a hard time adding and subtracting.

3) Sports on TV really stimulates my thinking on complex tasks; guess my parents were wrong about TV being a distraction from school. Laker games on the radio used to get me through my calculus homework quickly, and World Cup soccer games (in Spanish, on Telemundo) in the middle of the night provided the white noise I needed to stay awake and pound out papers. Sometimes I still do my work from home in front of the TV when a game is on.

4) I probably would have become a chemical engineer if I didn't hate physics.

5) I used to enjoy reading mysteries, but now I seem to only read non-fiction works (yes, I've picked up reading again as a product of waiting out flight delays).

6) Whenever I cook, I have to make a meat dish and a vegetable dish. Or something with both. I just can't stand making one without the other.

In the spirit of randomness, I'll make the tagging process completely random--you can list your quirks/randomosities in the comments, or leave a link if you choose to blog about it. Salut!

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