Home on the Range

I miss home already.

This is my second week on the road. After a brief weekend to pick up new clothes and some rest, I'm right back to finish up the job. It's funny how I miss home cooking so much. Eating out just doesn't feel right at all, not to mention how expensive it can get. This week I've moved to another hotel that seems to be in a better area, but it doesn't have that free hot breakfast in the morning, which really perked me up in the morning.

So after a dinner at a restaurant recommended by a friend, I went across the street to Target. Being a big fan of Target, it kinded of reminded me of home, and it also got me some breakfast. I thought about getting granola bars since it's easy to store, but they don't keep me full for very long; the reason why the complimentary hot breakfasts kept me going at work was because they kept me full, and as long as I didn't get hungry, I didn't get distracted. A pack of bagels is perfect for a breakfast on the go (and keeps going and going), and a bottle of my favorite beverage (water) keeps me hydrated and happy. Since I forgot to pack a pair of slippers yet again, I also got a pair of flipflops for a few bucks.

I guess next time I need to go on a road trip, it'd be nice to research what Targets and supermarkets are around in the area. A little bit of groceries makes a whole lot of difference.


Poster Girl said...

I agree. I'm much happier when I'm fed! Some Target stores have a fantastic grocery section, which makes me love Target even more. The prices are pretty good compared to the supermarket. Now all they need is organic produce!

Fashion Ivy said...

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