Spring Thing

I love the drive to work in the morning, particular around this time of the year. I'm going against traffic, and I get to see a lot of greenery. There's a lot of rolling green hills around, and it just feels like Spring. And it makes me happy.

But the weather hasn't really felt like Spring. It's been overcast and cold. Even though I've been wearing vibrant spring colors, they were hidden under coats and sweaters.

Today is quite a contrast. Talk about irony--I went out to the Mike & Chris sample sale to stock up on some much-needed winter staples, and I walked into a heat wave. I figured that I didn't need a jacket since if I get cold, I'll just wear one of the ones I would be buying. Good thing I settled with that twisted logic. Had I worn another layer, I would have cooked.

Florals is always "in" every Spring, but I've never really been a florals person. Sure, I have a few floral print dresses, but as far as tops goes, I don't wear a whole lot of patterns. But when I dropped off some stuff at the Goodwill last weekend, I found some florals that I could wear:

(Vintage top/J Brand jeans that I've been wearing all the time/Gryson for Target bag/my own bracelet/Target flats from the last post)

This was a pretty incredible vintage find. I picked it out about 5 minutes before closing time. There are no tags, so it's probably handmade. The embroidery is really exquisite, and the design does not look old-fashioned at all, as some embroidered items can appear. At under $5, it was almost literally a steal. I thought that I'd have to wait a while before I can wear it, but today's weather gave me a chance to wear it sooner.

Spring is also a time for Spring Cleaning. I'll talk about it next time.


yulanda said...

What a great find! It's so pretty.

Poster Girl said...

Fabulous top, I just love peasant tops with embroidery. The Gryson bag looks great too! I can't wait to read about your spring cleaning.

Anonymous said...

you know, i think i bumped into you at the mike&chris sample sale. yeah, i think it's you!...haha i even asked you if you knew how much the shoes were? tell me if i'm wrong... :D


Sales Rack Raider said...

Well, whaddaya know, Mars? That *was* me! I remember you asking about those shoes by the back wall and I said something like "I don't know, but it's probably not cheap." You ended up finding the price on one of the further-off price sheets.

It was nice to meet you =).

Anonymous said...

hahaha...small world! It was nice meeting you too! Share your loot here. :-) I ended up picking 3 goodies from the $5 box and 2 supima cotton top. I'm hoping the next sample sale will offer better prices. :( Or maybe it's just me being too cheap...hehe.


Eli said...

ahhhhh !!! you have that gryson bag, Im going to buy it soon. it is so f'ing cool. I want it so bad, I should have bought it last time. looks so good on you

Sales Rack Raider said...

Thanks for all your comments, everyone!

Eli and Poster Girl--Thanks! I went into Target to get a mop-head replacement. I walked out with a Gryson bag. I have no guilt or regrets, though, since it is a pretty handy bag.

Marissa Fischer said...

Love the top. I like you have just been pretending it is warm and comfortable. I resisted leggings for a long time but I must wear dresses and tights still feel too wintery haha.