Shopbop Sale

Shopbop is one of my favorite online shops. The selection is great, but realistically, the prices are often out-of-reach for me. When items hit the 70% page, that's when I start paying attention. The lower-price point items are suddenly very affordable, while some of the higher end things are on the cusp of being affordable.

That's why I got pretty excited on the day I found out there's a 20% off code for sale merchandise. From what I heard around the Internet, these codes don't come often. Right now I'm looking at end-of-season clearances for some investment cold-weather pieces, particularly cashmere sweaters (which I've developed a real weakness for as work staples). Since I've been working long hours, many of the 70% off pieces that I've been eyeing were already gone by the time I found time to browse, but I finally got around to buying a couple of things tonight.

Maybe it was a good thing that I waited until now...it forces me to narrow down my selections. I subscribe to the "if I'm meant to have it, I'm meant to have it" mentality--if I'm having a hard time choosing between one or another because I like them equally, I'll let time run its course. If both items are still available by the time I make a choice, then at least I have more time to think things through and make a more informed decision. But if only one is left standing, then well, the decision has been made for me. It worked out pretty well this time, as I ended up getting something completely different because I decided that the dress I thought about buying is not as practical as possible. As much as I love the unique, edgy look, I had to come to terms with two things: 1) it's not something I can wear to work, where I spend most of my time, and 2) when I'm not at work, I prefer more casual outfits because I'm already dressed up most of the time.

Tomorrow is the last day of the sale. Use the code PLUS20 for that additional markdown.


elleabelle said...

Check out Lulus.com...they have really cute fashions and they are totally affordable. I just found out about them and got some really cute mini dresses...that I will wear as tunics!!

Sales Rack Raider said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I've decided to cut back on the spending for now, but when I'm ready for a reward, I'll check it out!

Anonymous said...

Shopbop's warehouse sale is happening this weekend! it starts Friday September 19th from 12-8pm, Saturday 8-6 and then on Sunday from 10-4 at the Concourse Hotel in Madison, WI. Just as a reminder that it is cash only

Anonymous said...

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