Courtside View

This is what happens when St. Patrick's Day falls on a court date:

I was busy running around all day yesterday, and it didn't hit me until pretty late at night that I have to cover a hearing on St. Patricks's Day. I don't want to hear myself say "ow" all day, but the green clothes I have don't really go with a suit. (In retrospect, I do have a dress shirt with pink and green stripes, but if I figured that out sooner, I wouldn't have this much fun.)

So I whipped something up in a pinch (pun not entirely unintended), and it works out just fine. I would have much rather worn this:

...which normally would have added a fun yet work-appropriate touch to office outfits, but when I have to be in court, I usually err on the side of conservatism.

This brings me to the topic of how to stay individual in a world of suits. I try to bring a little color into the mix, but I don't want to venture out too far. There's a time and place to go buck wild with color, but full-on-suit time is not one of them. Yes, suits are serious. When I'm in one, I'm very cognizant that I'm representing something greater than myself. I certainly don't want to develop a reputation for the wrong thing.

Jewelry is great for adding a dash of discrete individuality. I'm not much of a thin-chain-and-pendant kind of person, preferring instead something more substantial. You can't go wrong with pearls--they're classic, but they can also be reworked into a "not your mother's pearls" design. That's exactly what I decided to do. I call it my "Patricia" necklace since it was made especially for St. Patty's Day, and also because it has a patrician "establishment" look to it.

I've also become an avid wearer of rings, particularly the modern, simple, yet standout kinds. Ever since I got one simple green amber ring, which I love, I've been shopping on Etsy for more. I finally set my sights on the Ox Rox rings from Rural Abandon. When I saw that the seller had a bright sterling silver Rox ring, I thought that it'd be good to mix them up:

I absolutely love them. They're very, very cool in that suble, understated way. They also came packaged in a pretty box and tied with a pretty ribbon; if I hadn't been so excited in putting the rings on right away, I would have gotten a picture of the lovely packaging. And if I wasn't already wearing that necklace, I would worn the whole stack of rings to court today. Oh well, the next court date is just around the corner.

[Edited: I've put up a close-up of the individual rings. The squarish-shapes are organic and a bit more unusual. Since they're so thin individually, I think I can even wear them as pendants on a chain. I don't have pierced ears, but I think thin rings such as these can be converted to awesome earrings as well if for some inexplicable reason you don't want to wear rings much anymore. I'm all for maximizing their potential.]

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