Sound Investment

All that effort into getting that Hello Kitty sewing machine was not for naught. I didn't get that machine, but I did come away with this:

Since I'm in the office for long hours, sometimes it's good to have a non-addictive stimulant around. I saw some iPod docking speakers in a few offices and wanted one for myself. I wanted something that's not too expensive (of course), looks good, and sounds decent for the price. With speakers, I know that it's better to get something with a mid-range price. Cheap speakers make expensive gadgets sound terrible.

After failing to find that Hello Kitty sewing machine, I decided to walk around the rest of Target to see what good deals were abound. Since I had just arrived from the office, I looked around for office stuff, which eventually led me to the audio-visual section of the store. I saw a cheap iPod docking speaker for $39, but it looked cheap already. Then my eyes fell on the sleek beauty you see above.

Normally, the Logitech speakers would have been quite pricey, but at $69, it didn't seem quite so bad after all. Besides, I have some experience with Logitech speakers, so I knew what to expect. I bought a 5.1 surround sound set of speakers for my desktop computer years ago, and I got a decent amount of sound quality for a very reasonable price. When I took it home, I started opening the box right away. There were quite a few wonderful features--it came with a carrying case, and it could be operated by AC power or 6 AAA batteries. It also came with a remote. While the sound quality isn't awe-inducing, it was pretty good. Did I mention that it is pretty?

It's now sitting happily in my office. I love it.


Anonymous said...

that's a steal! target is the best! happy new year to you!


Poster Girl said...

Very sleek. Gotta love Target!