Rocks Rock

For all the seriousness in the office, a little levity is a good thing.

My new, affordable, and decidedly unstuffy office decor from Magic Yam also doubles as hand warmers...makes sense for a cold office. I'm all about dual-use =)

Let's start with the service and packaging. The proprietress is super-friendly, and the packaging is so cute that I didn't want to rip it open:

The contents are even cuter. Check out the tags with similar yet different rock piles:


And here they are sitting next to a free stress ball. They fit right in! Lumpy the Coal is made of black fleece, and Grumpy is made of felt. Both of them are really soft and well-stitched.

Excellent workwomanship, great service, and cute overload--definitely a great value. I've waited a long time to be able to afford little things like this, and they're worth the wait. I think that's all the toys I'll have, though...any more than these will make me start to look unprofessional.


Bernie said...

So adorable. When I worked in an office one thing I found that completely nullified the cuteness or number of toys I had was if they were marked with the name of my university...i.e, stuffed bears wearing school t-shirts. For some reason, having a school name on something means that you're school spirited, instead of childish, and that's a good thing in the workplace.

Sales Rack Raider said...

Interesting observation, Bernie. I never really thought about it before, but I've seen this too.