Ring, ring

I've lusted after this ring for quite some time. I had to look away many a time because of insufficient funds. Finally, I could afford to buy it, so I treated myself:

There are lots of bubbles in the green amber, and that's the way I like it--more things to refract light. It's so pretty! The price is really affordable given that it's sterling silver.

The green goes with the day's color scheme, which is a change from the prior day. This time, the shirt is brilliant but the outerwear is dark. I like this effect too.


Eli said...

well maybe if you cant go too wild with your lawyer outfits, you can wear out your fantasies in your jewelery!!

Sales Rack Raider said...

That's exactly what I'm doing. =) I've been making and wearing some stuff that's more toned-down for the office but still "me."