The occasional impulse shopper

Hello again, folks! I'm still here, still alive, though barely. It is now July, which means it's nervous time for me. The big bar extravaganza is just 3 weeks away.

I usually don't buy on impulse, but last Friday the inner impulse shopper reared its head.

It's been a while since I've hit sample sales. On Friday I actually needed a very particular set of items, and I knew where to find them. That particular showroom was usually open for just about every sample sale I went to, so I figured my odds are pretty good. But of course, it was not to be on this trip.

Now what do I do? I was already there, so I may as well look around.

That's a dangerous train of thought, which is why I left most my cash at home. Sure, I can indulge in a few cheapies, but it's easy to go overboard. Limiting the amount of cash I carry is the best line of defense.

I ended up getting 2 things--this t-shirt and a workout top. The t-shirt is totally an impulse buy. I thought it was really cute on sight, and it was $5, so why not? I had a change of heart when I got home, but I like it again when I wore it today:

It's a quirky little t-shirt, not something I can find very easily. Wearing it today reminds me that one of my favorite tees (in the same kind of red) has gone MIA. I have to track it down.

It's been really hot around here. I think I'll wear my workout top tomorrow--I doubt that anyone will be around at school, so I can wear whatever I want. That one is actually a sensible buy--I don't have very many workout tops, just some ratty old t-shirts. Also $5. Can't beat that.

I also came across some really cute leather shoes for $20, which is a really good price. Good thing my wallet was just a few dollars shy--do I really need another pair of shoes? The answer is no. I ended up putting that money to good use by buying some jewelry findings. Now that's a good investment.

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Bernie said...

I really like this shirt. Off-the-wall, but not in an overtly-conscious way.