Turkey Curry in a Hurry

Still dealing with leftover turkey? Read the comments on the last turkey post for more reader suggestions. I found another yummy use for turkey--throw it in a curry sauce! I got the inspiration when Japanese curry cubes at the local market went on sale. This is especially good for turkey meat that seems dry. Other than all the salt and whatnot in the curry sauce, the rest of the ingredients are pretty good for you. It's a fancy meal without the fancy price tag, all done in less than 10 minutes.

What you need:
-a box of curry that can be divided into cubes--about $2 at most Asian markets. Each cube makes one serving of sauce. A brand call "House" is my favorite, particularly the "Vermont" apple curry.
-a little bit of olive oil
-frozen veggies (I prefer a "garden mix" or "Italian mix" instead of the standard corn/peas/carrots combo, even though it's slightly more expensive)--about $1.50 at most markets
-rice or pasta--around $1

The how-to:
-cut or shred turkey meat into bite-size pieces
-boil the frozen veggies, drain
-saute turkey on low-medium heat
-if on medium heat, turn it down to low
-add about a cup of water
-add in a cube of curry to dissolve, add more water or boil off to achieve desired consistency
-throw in the boiled veggies
-serve over pasta or rice

Given my need to push on with studying, that's probably what I'll have for dinner tonight.

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