Some gifts can wait

Ah, finally, a real break. I've been outlining for almost 11 hours straight, with very brief breaks for lunch and snacks. I just had the most delicious dinner cooked in less than 15 minutes (thanks to those easy-to-deal-with chicken fillets that I just stocked up on and some delish salad dressing as marinade), and I'm ready to get back to work. Just thought I'd pop in with a quick post pertaining to Christmas shopping, well, before Christmas.

If you're stressed about not having finished your Christmas shopping yet for everyone on your long list of names, breathe, then prioritize. Since there are so many get-togethers during the holiday season, there's bound to be some people that you won't be meeting up with until after Christmas. As Stacie pointed out a few posts back, a lot of money could be saved by shopping at after-Christmas sales. So, if you're already busy and don't have much time, focus on people that you'll be exchanging gifts with either on or before Christmas Day. Get the rest of the gifts after Christmas. Usually I'd rather get all my shopping done before Christmas, but this year I'm just way too busy to do that. Now it seems like having unfinished business is a good idea.

I'll be taking my finals this coming week, then I'm heading to Vegas right after that. Since I'll be there for a wedding and don't want to get all partied out before the big event, I'll be spending a lot of downtime doing Christmas shopping with my girls. We'll be hitting the many outlets in and around Vegas--"shop, drink, and be merry" sounds good to me. I'll be posting again when I get back!

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LeighAnn said...

That is a great idea. You are so right. There are a number of people I won't see until later.