Christmas Shopping: Proceed with Caution (a short Part III)

If you've snagged deals at Black Friday sales, get out you receipts now. If you haven't braved the crowds yet, pay attention now to avoid a return trip. The stores you thought you knew and love may have become less lovable because they may have changed some policies for the holidays, namely return/refund policies. Over the years, retailers are getting less and less generous. Some stores that used to offer no questions asked returns have cracked down just for the holiday season. Stores like Express tracks how many times you return stuff--if you've cracked the limit, they ain't taking anything back.

Black Friday shoppers--before you become too smug with your bargain basement purchases, think about what you've bought. Are they things listed explicitly on someone's wish list, or is it something you *think* your niece/nephew/third cousin/long-lost uncle would like? To avoid loss of funds and/or your standing as someone's favorite relative, think hard and fast now. You may still have time to change your mind and recoup your hard-earned cash.

If you haven't done much shopping now, a crappy return policy is a good reason for strategic planning (aforementioned in Part I). Before you buy, ask about the policies.

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