Big Lots bargain finds--DVF luggage

I skipped out on the crazy Black Friday morning sales this year. I figured that by the time I get to a store, even if it's the crack of dawn, most of the good stuff would be gone. I was right--my dad went to Circuit City and couldn't find anything.

I found some good Diane von Firstenberg luggage and travelling totes for a very decent price. The travelling totes and train cases were $30, duffels at $40, and upright luggages at $50-60. The blue-suede-with-white-trim totes were so cute that I was tempted to buy one, but since I'm not about to go travelling in style any time soon, I wisely decided to put it down. Good prices could be found for bath products as well. Very fancy looking stuff for a very affordable price (anywhere from $3-$10). If you're into this kind of stuff, check out your local Big Lots. You just might find good luggage there.

Normally the 99 Cent Store is my first stop for gift wrapping paper and Christmas cards, but for some reason, my local store is really disappointing me with the quality of stuff this year. Not just holiday goods, but everything in general. So sad...I ended up getting some cards and wrapping paper there, but only because I've already hit several other places and couldn't find what I was looking for.

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