A cute skirt I won't allow myself to buy

I've already spent enough money on clothes. 5 bucks here, 5 bucks there. When I saw this cute Ella Moss skirt for $15, I thought it's a great deal (especially considering it was running around $100).

But still, I'm gonna have to say no. =( At least for now.

Yes, it's "only" $15, which is right at the border line of what I allow myself to spend for skirts. But I have to figure in shipping and then tax, so in the end it'll come out to $25. I mean, it's cute, but not too special. I can find another skirt that is similar. If I really want to, I can even put my own ribbon on it.

So whoever wants it, it's yours. Better off for me if it's gone, since it won't tempt me anymore.

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