Scallop and Cucumber Salad

News flash--two posts in two days during crunchtime! But I can't help myself. Since I needed a simple but tasty dinner tonight, I finally got around to trying a cucumber and scallop salad from the New York Times. I think it's worth while to watch this video for the instructions. If you don't have the time, here is the recipe.

A mandolin slicer, which I don't currently have, would have really sped up the process of making the salad. Nonetheless, it was fairly quick, and I actually like to have my cucumber slices a bit thicker and crunchier. I didn't add as much vinegar or salt as the recipe called for, but I like it just the same.

The toasted sesame seeds are listed as a garnish, but in my opinion, they're actually a major ingredient. I really like the nutty taste that they bring.

Next time, I'll need to add a bit more salt to the dressing, and crack some black pepper over the scallops as they cook. Even so, tonight dinner was very satisfying. :)

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