Thrifting Jackpot: The Others

The last 2 items I got from my big thrifting haul finally came back from the dry cleaner's. The first is going to be a good transitional staple. The second is definitely weekend-only material, and boy is it fun.

The oversized brocade coat looks handmade--it was not lined, and there were no labels. I'm a very tactile-oriented person, and the texture of the patterns is certainly interesting. I was initially hesitant about buying it because of the huge size, but once I tried it on, my doubts vanished. While it is many sizes bigger than me, it is oversized in the right way. The back drapes gracefully like a cape. It looks great belted as well, though I have yet to wear it out that way. I paired it with more modern grayscale pieces for a Friday work outfit.

[circle pendant necklace--gift, Forever 21 tunic with side twist (trust me, it looks way better than pictured), Helmut Lang slim-legged pants (still way too long, but looks great cuffed and works in lieu of leggings for a professional look), thrifted coat, Payless pumps]

The last item was something I literally picked up on my way to the cash register. I was browsing the racks on my way out with my roommate when I saw the skirt and said, "take a look at this!" A blue leather skirt. How ridiculous is that? Nonetheless, I couldn't help but try it on and found that it fits in more ways than one. It costs nearly 4 times the price of the skirt (which was $7) to get it cleaned, but I think it's well worth it because of how cool it is. Since this is obviously not office-wear, it's not something that will require that many trips to the dry cleaner's. If I can find a leather cleaner that I can work with myself, I'll save some money.

Wearing a leather skirt, especially a blue one, is tricky. Leather is very rocker-chic, so it's natural to turn to some rock-and-roll accessories, but wearing too many "tough" items at once would be overkill. Also, a blue leather skirt is such an unusual piece that it deserves to shine on its own. Since I needed to head to the hair salon for a quick trim, I couldn't wear anything fancy up top anyway, so I went with a simple black beater. I went with a couple of pieces of simple metallic jewelry, but decided to forego the boots in favor of more laid-back sandals and a straw fedora. It was a hot and sunny day, after all.

[Urban Outfitters fedora, dagger necklace made by me, Kenneth Cole cuff (bought from the Minneapolis Macy's for $5), Forever 21 beater ($1 from the FIDM store), vintage blue leather skirt ($7), Sigerson Morrison sandals]

On a programming note, I am getting increasingly busy with work (yes, on the weekends too), so if I don't reply to comments, please don't take it personal. I don't expect the frequency of posting to change that much, but if I'm gone for an extended period of time, now you know why.


The Clothes Horse said...

That blue skirt is awesome. Actually I adore that whole outfit and I'm really jealous of your fedora--I need one!

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Fabbo skirt, but that coat really calls to me. I love that swing shape. Great finds!

Sales Rack Raider said...

Thank you both! One of these days I got to wear both pieces together...they just seem to match in my mind.

ambika said...

No kidding about the jackpot. That coat is to die for. Such a great 1950s look with that drapery.

discount handbags said...

Oh,nice look.Especial that blue leather skirt.I like it.