"Money can't buy me love..."

Valentine's Day is coming up, and people everywhere are making plans. It might mean flowers and chocolate for some, a getaway or nice dinner for others, or just something plain and simple but meaningful. However, the holiday might be a source of consternation, especially in this economic environment. Love really can't be bought (if it was the purchased kind, then there's a problem), and it is a little disconcerting to think that it takes a pre-set date on the calendar to get someone to make an effort to show the significant other some appreciation. Nonetheless, it is a nice day to do something special. Given how consumed many people are with the financial crisis, it really is important to put that aside to care about and support the person who really matters.

The LA Times has a nice little feature for 8 great 3-hour dates on a $25 budget. Even for those who are not from the LA area, the ideas could be adapted for local specialities. I think that a good time can be had for little or even no money at all, but I do think it is important to put in some thought and care into making the day special--a combination of attentiveness and savvy savings is hot, but focusing on going cheap is not.

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The Clothes Horse said...

Very true. It is a good day to show some love--especially if people don't other days! I have no significant other, but I did just make plans today for said holiday! :)