Fighting the Sniffles

A lot of people around me are sick, so it was quite inevitable that I'd be next. The bugs finally have me in their clutches. Ugh.

Since my productivity dropped off in the last week AND I'm going on vacation during the President's Day weekend, I'll need to rest up and also get caught up on work. This means I won't have time to post this coming week.

Stay well, or get better soon!


Bernie said...

I hope you feel better!

ambika said...

I saw some stat on CNN that because the flu vaccine only covered 40% of this year's active viruses, this is a much heavier flu year than any in the recent post. Which I see very much reflected in the blogging community where it seems half the sites I follow have sick writers. I hope you feel better soon. And congrats on making 100 sales!

Sales Rack Raider said...

Thanks Bernie and Ambika. I'm 98% recovered by this point. It feels even better to come home to find out that I passed the 100 sales mark. :)