Survey says...

Wow, I can't believe that it's been a week since my last post! Yup, I've been really busy. I've been job hunting and taking care of some exciting business dealings. When it's all wrapped up, I'll tell you about it. [UPDATE--I just found out that I am now employed. Whether it'll become a permanent thing is another story, but it's a great job and it'll pay the bills.]

If the rising costs of utilities don't urge you to conserve, maybe extra freebies will. My astute roommie told me about a program from the Southern California Gas Company--if you take an energy survey, you'll get a free energy and water saving kit comprised of several aerators for your faucets, which reduce water use by up to 30%, and a free showerhead which also cuts down on water usage. We just installed them. Not only is there an improvement in water flow (beats the old crusty aerators that came with the apartment), but we're saving water. The widgets are incredibly easy to install. All you need is a wrench.

Since the offer ends at the end of the year, and the kits are available only while supplies last, you might want to take advantage of it. If you're not in the SoCal area, look up your local utility company's web page to see if they have a similar offer. It's totally worth it!


Bernie said...

Congratulations on the employment! Income is always a good thing.

ThatBeeGirl said...

congrats on finding a job! i know employment in the law field can be tough.
and way to go for promoting saving the environment -- does your utility company offer "green" power? it's just a tad more per month but the "green" savings is incredible!

Sales Rack Raider said...

Thank you so much! I was just talking to a lawyer friend last night about how hard it was to find a job. Glad that I won't have to send more resumes and cover letters...not my favorite activity.

Bee--I believe that my apartment is in the Green Power program. =) My roommate and I decided that it's worth it. We got energy-efficient lightbulbs for joining.