Back to Basics

I went to the mall today in search of a good pair of shorts and some print tops to spice up my wardrobe, but instead I walked away with three basic tops for just shy of $10.

Charlotte Russe isn't a place that I'd normally go for clothes. I like a lot of their stuff, but oftentimes the things I like are either not on sale or still not cheap enough. I have to say that I'm quite impressed with their clearance sale. The blue dot items are $2.99 (tops)/$4.99 (pants, dresses), green items were $6.99, and red dot items were $9.99. Tons of shoes were also on clearance at $9.99. These were the prices for the last clearance sale I went to, but the merchandise was just not very impressive. This time, there were lots of work-worthy, party-worthy, and just chill-worthy stuff.

It's hard to say no to basics when they're practical and only $3, and it's even harder once you've tried them on and found the fit to be quite flattering. I figured that v-neck tees in neutral colors are pretty good to wear under blazers or cardigans for work, and people might just think they're shells. The trendy cuts of the tops make them good candidates for DIY projects, too. When everyone else are stenciling on ill-fitting t-shirts, you can have a top that looks like it came from some expensive boutique. Besides, if you mess up, you only lose $3 as opposed to some $10 American Apparel tee (which I love, but I would never pay full price).

Speaking of basics, I'll have to shop for better work clothes. Even though I have a few dress shirts, all of my past jobs (including a law firm clerking gig) had pretty relaxed dress codes. It's different this time around. I really don't plan on wearing suits or twinsets every day, so it'll be a challenge to look professional yet stylish and on a budget.


Marcy said...

I got a pair of v-neck t-shirts from Charlotte Russe last yuear and I love themn. They're a bit thin, but I wear a white tank underneath and I wear them regularly to work now. =) I like Charlotte Russe (and Forever 21, etc etc) but too often it's either hard to navigate the ginantic amout of merchandise or the stuff just doesn't fit right.... But I still go back for the occasional rare find. =) And they have pretty cute jewelry for cheap!

Nikki said...

Agh yes. Basics are the bane of my existence. I have a closet full of "novelty" items and don't go together to well for work...